Since its inception in 2001, Tompkins Square Middle School has been able to recruit and select all of its staff members. Teachers at TSMS understand the developmental needs of early adolescents, are strong designers of curriculum, and demonstrate a passion for learning. Adminstrative staff and paraprofessionals work hard to ensure that TSMS functions smoothly and meets the needs of all students. The school's rigorous hiring process combined with exceptionally low staff turnover has resulted in an extremely dedicated, committed, and intelligent community of educators who share a common vision.

Intense collaboration is a core professional value among staff members. All teachers meet together every morning before school begins for ten minutes to discuss the day's events and imminent student concerns. All staff also meets weekly to share common practices and to reflect upon their students' needs. Teachers meet by department weekly and by grade level at least once a month. Every spring, teachers attend a weekend retreat to reflect on the current school year and to set goals and plan for the upcoming year. Teachers regularly visit each other's classrooms, visit other schools, and attend professional development workshops. The professional conversations extend from the school year into annual summer meetings.

Since TSMS began, administrative and support staff members have played a key role with the teachers in both the school's development and the support of students. Overall, all staff members at TSMS are invested partners in both the current practices and continued growth of the TSMS community.

Staff Contacts and Teacher/Class Websites:

Ilan Adona
IAdona [at]
8th Grade Humanities Site w/Lance
Amy Anderla
AAnderla [at]
8th Grade Humanities 
Devan Aptekar
DAptekar [at]
Dean of Operations 
Lisa Ascalon
LAscalon [at]
Julie Biggane
JBiggane [at]
7th Grade Math 
Clayton Braffith
CBraffith [at]
Physical Education 
Sebastian Braithwaite
SBraithwaite [at]
Steffanie Burchette
SBurchette [at]
DanceClass Website
Bryce Cahn
BCahn [at]
8th Grade ScienceClass Website
Jennifer Chen
JChen [at]
7th Grade Math 
Cara Cibener
CCibener [at]
6th Grade Humanities Class Website
Alison Cohen
ACohen [at]
6th Grade ScienceClass Website
Yolanda Custodio
YCustodio [at]
Speech Language Therapist 
Liza Curry
LCurry [at]
8th Grade MathClass Website
Milagros Diaz
MDiaz [at]
Social Worker 
Tracy Dulay
TDulay [at]
Occupational Therapist 
Sonhando Estwick
SEstwick [at]
Stacey Fell
SFell [at]
7th Grade HumanitiesClass Website
Pamela Flanagan
PFlanagan [at]
6th Grade ScienceClass Website
Skye Flusser
SFlusser [at]
8th Grade MathClass Website
Rachelle Ford
RFord [at]
Belinda Goodman
BGoodman [at]
Rachel Gordon
RGordon [at]
7th Grade MathClass Website
Jesus Goris
JGoris [at]
Gina Hall
GHall [at]
Family Associate, School Assessment Team 
Vanvian Hoo
VHoo [at]
Social Worker 
Lillian Horton
LHorton [at]
Attendance Teacher 
Magda Irizarry
MIrizarry [at]
Supervising School Aide 
Douglas Keyzer
DKeyzer [at]
7th Grade HumanitiesClass Website
Austin LaBoy
ALaBoy [at]
Lisa Lackey
LLackey [at]
ArtClass Website
Shirley Lee-Wong
SLee [at]
Parent CoordinatorWebsite
Lance Leener
LLeener [at]
8th Grade HumanitiesClass Website
Rachel Levinsky
RLevinsky [at]
Kyler Lofton
KLofton [at]
7th & 8th Grade Science Grade 7
Grade 8
Pat Macken
212-995-1430 x3531
Guidance Counselor 
Rebekah Maginnis
RMaginnis [at]
6th Grade HumanitiesClass Website
Carole Mashamesh
CMashamesh [at]
7th Grade Humanities 
Matthew Masterson
MMasterson [at]
Dean of Students
Genevieve Moran
GMoran [at]
School Psychologist 
Akeem Oliver
AOliver [at]
6th, 7th, & 8th Grade ELA
Frances Quezada
FQuezada [at]
School Secretary  
Elizabeth Root
ERoot [at]
ArtClass Website
Rawley Rosa
RRosa [at]
James Salazar
JSalazar [at]
7th Grade Science Class Website
Jacqueline Shlecter
JShlecter [at]
6th Grade MathClass Website
Michael Steinberg
MSteinberg [at]
Technology Coordinator 
Ginger Stevens
GStevens [at]
6th Grade HumanitiesClass Website
Paola Torres
PTorres [at]
SpanishClass Website
Matt Tripaldi
MTripaldi [at]
6th Grade Math and ScienceMath Site
Science Site
Kenrick Wagner
Office: (212) 995-1430, ext 3370
After School Program Director
Education Alliance at TSMS

Last updated 9/09/14