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Our beginning...

TSMS was founded in 2001. We are located in the Lower East Side on 6th Street.

We are a member of NYC'S Community School District One.

Our beginning...

Founded by a grassroots coalition of neighborhood parents and local educators, TSMS has grown into an award-winning NYC public school.


TSMS has been named a Rising Star Middle School as well as an Outstanding Middle School in the annual Blackboard Awards.

Who are we?

We are a progressive school that values collaboration and hard work.

TSMS is at its core a self-reflective community of students, parents, and educators.

Who are we?

Tompkins Square Middle School serves a diverse community of approximately 370 students in grades six through eight.


TSMS is a community with high learning standards dedicated to fostering ethical, caring, self-reflecting and critical thinkers.

What sets TSMS apart?

The diversity of its student body. The intelligence, warmth, and commitment of its staff. The interdisciplinary, hands-on, tech-savvy nature of its curriculum. Our full repertoire of the arts during the school day. The individualized attention that challenges and supports students at their own level. The community feel, strengthened by pervasive small-group Advisory sessions. Plus, the field trips and project simulations occurring throughout the year, culminating in an end of year celebration.

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