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6th Grade: Camp Ramapo November 9 and 10 Permission Slip and Funds

We are so fortunate to be able to take a trip to Camp Ramapo in Rhinebeck, NY for some community building and fun in the outdoors! Our 6th graders are looking forward to the bonding experience that will surely create friendships that last beyond this trip and their 6th grade year. We assure you that students will have the time of their lives on this trip! Please do what you can to ensure their attendance! Read below to get more information.

We are still in need of permission slips (linked here) and funds. If you haven't already paid your dues, please make sure to do so as soon as possible. You can send in cash or a check in an envelope with your child or you can pay online via our PayPal link.

We know some of our families can't afford the entire amount, so we ask that you pay whatever amount you can, big or small.

If you've already paid your dues and can afford to contribute more to support our families who may be struggling to make the necessary payments, we would greatly appreciate and be honored by your generosity.

We expect every child in the 6th grade to attend the trip!

We know that the funds may be difficult to pull together, but no child will be refused from the trip because they are unable to pay.

If you can't pay for the trip, please still send in a permission slip. It's important that you consent for your child to attend the trip with their class. If you are apprehensive sending your child on an overnight trip, we encourage you to reach out to your child's advisor and have a discussion with them about the high level of supervision and fun that will ensue on this trip!

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