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First Day of In-person Learning Thursday, October 1!

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day and excited for the first day of school.

Students will be asked to line up six feet apart along the fence next to the entrance that is directly east (towards avenue C) of the main entrance. This will be the entrance and exit for TSMS every day. All students will have their temperatures taken before entering the building. 

Bagged breakfast will be provided to students while they are on line, and lunch will be provided to students to eat on the roof garden.

As a reminder, there are three basic items that we will need students to bring tomorrow aside from a face mask (we can provide masks if need be).

1. We are asking that all students bring the device and charger that they are currently using for remote learning to school. If your child does not have a laptop or iPad we will provide a laptop to use during the school day until we can find a more permanent solution.

2. If your child has a set of headphones (with microphone) that is compatible with their device they will also need to bring them to school. The school will have a small quantity of headphones for students who do not have their own.

3. Students should bring a full water bottle. Students will not be permitted to use the fountains, but will be able to refill their bottles at a water filtration machine in the office.

Take care and see you soon!

Sonhando Estwick

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