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March 8: In-Person Afterschool and Continuing Remote Afterschool

Dear parents/guardians,

We are excited to have our students back in the building. As we transition back into blended learning during day school, we are doing the same in after school. We will follow the cohort model as day school.

Afterschool will be offered 5 days a week starting Monday, March 8th, 2021.

We are asking parents to complete the following survey about returning to or signing up for after school:

We are still accepting applications for in-person AND remote!!! The application is attached to this email. Completed applications can be emailed back to me.

In-Person Program:

Students will stay in the class they were in during day school for after school. An after school staff member will meet the students at their designated classroom. The students will follow the schedule below. Cold snacks will be provided by the school. Students can bring a snack in with them if they like. Dismissal will be in front of TSMS (6th St side) in 5 minute waves starting at 4:40pm with 6th grade first.

We can only accept students who are enrolled into blended learning for in person after school activities.

Daily In Person Schedule

2:00pm-2:40pm: Dismissal transition to after school/ Recess

2:45-3:00pm: Snack/ Transition back to Classes

3:00pm-3:45pm: Activity

3:50-4:40pm: Power Hour (HW Help)/ Book Club

4:40pm-5:00pm: Dismissal

We are offering new activities for the spring:

  • Runners Club

  • Outdoor Sports Programming (more details to come soon)

  • Agricultural Club (Plants, Bugs & Nibbles)

Returning Activities In Person:

  • Cooking

  • Art

  • Robotics

  • Project STEM

  • DIY Activities

  • Video Game Club

Remote Programming:

Activities will be posted on Mondays for all classes and lives classes will occur throughout the week. For the classes that are not having a live session, activity specialists will have check-ins with their students. These will be posted in the google classroom for each class.

Class Name & Class Code:

Dancing Feet (dance class): yzms7p6

Mind, Body, Music (music class): bdjllld

Girls Chat & Chill: pu43fsa

Robotics: 2mn5u7p

Arts of the World (art class): xfndmjq

Anime Club: v3jy2e4

Basketball Club: t4dvvjm

Volleyball Club: 52wzld6

Fitness Club: 4rsn5ra

Online Board Games: abd7nbn

Video Game Club: mk42yre

Man to Man: 32ctg5q

Virtual Stem: rne6ott

Food for Thought (cooking class): dykyaff

We look forward to having amazing events and giveaways upon our return. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, Essence Bowens;


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