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Request a DOE iPad by August 31!

All students will be remote learning at some point this year regardless if they are in the blended or remote group.

Students will need to have devices with them in school everyday they are in attendance for in-person learning.

Will TSMS provide devices for students?

We have a limited capacity to provide TSMS computers for at home learning. If you know your child will need a device at home, please request from the DOE. If you need support, let us know.

What if my child forgets their device?

We will be able to provide devices for students who forget to come to school with one on an as needed basis.

Why can’t we just get a laptop from TSMS?

The benefits of requesting a DOE device are it will be updated and maintained, has all the relevant apps and programs, and is connected to WiFi via the DOE. Sometimes, our TSMS laptops can be out of date and glitchy when not on our TSMS network.

If you need anything, please reach out to Shirley at

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